Couples Bonding Over Skincare

Couples Bonding Over Skincare - raybae

There is something special about sharing your routine with a loved one. Getting ready for bed, brushing your teeth, and even doing skincare together can be a fun way to feel closer to one another. 

Couples that skincare together...

Let's face it, you have to do a skincare routine anyway, so why not do it together!? You can make it fun and playful, while also being able to spend that quality time with your partner. Studies have shown that couples can build intimacy from bonding over activities while also relaxing and sharing quality time together. So how can you make it fun and sexy?

It's a date!

First, try introducing it into your relationship, you can try new products together, go shopping for products you want to try together, and have it be a relaxing time. Make it a skincare date night! Couples can do overnight face masks together, clay masks have lots of benefits for healthy skin and then afterwards you guys can rinse them off in the shower together, wink wink!

Take the time to educate each other on what skincare is best for you and your skin's needs. It's also a nice chance to destress from a long week and relax together. Little things you normally don't even think about can be helpful, checking in to see if your partner has been staying hydrated, and drinking enough water.

Go a step further by making dinner together and cooking with healthy ingredients that help keep your skin glowing, and looking healthy! You can also plan trips to the spa for couples facials and massages. You will notice the routine doesn't just become something that you have to do, rather something you look forward to. Not to mention, your skin will thank you!