The Raybae Morning Skincare Regimen

The Raybae Morning Skincare Regimen - raybae


Morning Skincare routines can be looked over, because there's so much to get done, and we may be in a rush. But raybae's morning skincare routine is only three quick and easy steps. Let's walk through the morning routine to show you how quick and easy this regimen is! 


Start With A Gentle Cleanser

First we are going to start with the Rosehip oil cleanser to cleanse off any impurities, and start with a fresh base for your products. You should use one to two pumps to get a dimes size amount, rub into fingers and use warm water to start cleansing the face.  As you are cleansing you'll notice how gentle the cleanser is. Rosehip oil is loaded with vitamins and essential fatty acids that help hydrate and regenerate the skin, it is very calming and soothing. The rose water ingredients help to detoxify the skin, and leave your skin with an even tone, which is great for all skin types.  After massaging it into the skin for a minute, you’ll want to rinse off with cool water to close your pores, and then pat dry with a towel.  Patting dry is important, we want to be gentle with our skin, but also its good to apply product while face is not completely dried, it helps the products to absorb into your skin better. 


Apply Your Age-Defying Wrinkle Serum

One you have patted dry with a towel, you'll apply the Age-Defying Wrinkle Serum. This anti-aging face serum is packed with vitamins, collagen building peptides and amino acids. Using one pump of product, we're going to rub into our fingers and then light tap on face, go around your face and massage with your fingers. This helps blood flow and allows your skin to absorb the product. This product is great for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Supporting the look of skin elasticity and firmness and brightening the skin while also fighting the appearance of dark spots. Who doesn't love that?


Always Use A Mega-Moisturizer

After applying the serum, move onto your last and final step, the Deep Water Day Cream to moisturize.  Use about a dime sized amount of cream.  Stress-fighting seaweed supports the skin’s resistance to the effects of environmental stress. While hydrating and plumping skin. This cream is water based, its very light and gentle, which is great for sensitive skin.  It will leave your skin feeling fresh and protected. 


Finally, Apply SPF

After applying the moisturizer, you can go ahead and apply your SPF (at Least 30) and move on to your make up!  This 3 step routine is so quick and easy, you’ll find you have a couple extra minutes to yourself!