The Raybae Night Time Skincare Regimen

The Raybae Night Time Skincare Regimen - raybae

We’ve already spoken about our easy three step morning skincare routine... Now get ready for the night time routine, because it's only two steps!

Always start with a gentle cleanser

Just like the morning routine you're going to start with the Refreshing Rosehip Cleanser. This is going to break down all the makeup, and all the daily pollutants we may have encountered throughout the day. I recommend using two pumps of the product, and massaging gently into your skin with warm water.  This is going to leave your skin feeling regenerated, and refreshed. The rosehip oil cleanser is great for detoxifying. After we’ve massaged it into the skin we're going to rinse with cool water this helps to close the pores. And pat your face dry with a towel. 

Lock in moisture with a night cream

The next step can be alternated, and is recommended to use every other night. Let's start with the Deep Water Night Cream, when you’re ready to use the Deep Water Night Cream, just a dime size. This cream is loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants! It attracts water to the skin, while also reducing water loss. So it's going to lock all the moisture in. It has hyaluronic acid which is great for keeping your skin looking young and healthy! It fights against fine lines and wrinkles! Your skin is 2x more receptive to repair when you sleep, and this product takes advantage of the most important hours. So while you’re sleeping this moisturizing rich night cream is repairing, and fighting against aging while hydrating.

Repair and hydrate with our Collagen Face Mask

On opposite nights, go ahead and use the Collagen Face Mask! Generously apply the Collagen Face Mask. This heals and restores skin overnight!  It helps collagen build in your skin, leaving it more plump and firm. It reduces the appearance of past damaged skin, all while you're sleeping! When I wake up my skin is left feeling smooth and soft! Also people have reached out to us with praise that this mask has helped improve their acne. 

So once again your quick and refreshing skincare routine is done in a few steps and you're ready to end your night feeling great, and having a little extra time to yourself. 

Self care is the best care!