Tween Skincare Craze: Glowing Up Before Growing Up

Tween Skincare Craze: Glowing Up Before Growing Up - raybae

 Everyone is talking about Generation Alpha becoming the beauty industry’s youngest enthusiasts. A full skincare routine is the biggest trend among tweens (9-12 years old) across the US and is even making headlines. We at Rayabe are here to answer concerns parents have with their preteens’ new hobby, and encourage them to jump on this trend with their children! 

 Among the plethora of viral trends, embracing hygiene and a self-care routine stands out as highly beneficial! By embracing the skincare trend alongside your preteen, you not only become the guiding influence but also weave threads of connection through these shared rituals. We believe this trend could lead to a lifetime of improved mental health and self-image.

 So why are kids into skincare now, and where did they learn about retinoids? While most adults attribute this phenomenon to social media, many adults over 30 have shared their own fascination with skincare as a tween, even before the digital age. One Raybae user told us, “It made me feel like a grownup, even 11-year-old me wanted to feel like she had her life together.” 

 In the past young girls learned from magazines, movies, and TV that they should have a skincare routine from face to feet to be pretty. The same ideas and even advertising tactics are still being used today, but now it’s on the screen in their hands. 

Tween Girl Applies skincare in mirror

 Although you can’t deny social media's influence,  it hasn’t created this need, it just set the stage for skincare to become the new trend. The beauty industry pioneered the influencer industry on social media app TikTok. We’ve all seen the bright, flashy influencer skincare routines pop up on our feed. These videos are very enticing to children who don’t realize the video is an advertisement, or the person was paid to use the products.

  Parents who don’t allow their children access to TikTok or other social media sites say that hasn’t stopped them from wanting to buy skincare products. And even though children aren’t old enough to use social media apps themselves, they are still exposed to it by their peers, and TikTok compilations found on other sites like YouTube. 

 Regardless of the root cause or where it came from, the surge in skincare interest presents a remarkable opportunity for parents to actively support their children's hobbies and instill positive habits from an early age. We believe a safe and simple skincare routine can lead to a lifetime of healthier choices. This trend could make a great opportunity to build self-confidence, improve hygiene, apply critical thinking skills, and share some quality bonding time.

Seek Professional Advice:

 Before starting your journey or using new skincare products, parents should consult with a dermatologist or pediatrician, especially if unsure about specific products and active ingredients (we’ll get to that later). Professionals can offer guidance on safe choices for young skin and help navigate potential concerns.

Start With The Basics:

 Unless told otherwise by your doctor, a daily cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen routine is essential for everyone. We believe in simple skincare to start and with professional guidance a basic simple skincare routine is great for preteens as well! When helping your tween start their skincare routine remember the basics and encourage them to start with the main three. 

 While adults and adolescents may incorporate active ingredients to address specific concerns such as acne, fine lines, or dry skin, it is generally advised against for children. The delicate nature of their skin makes them more susceptible to potential damage to the precious skin barrier. It’s important to always double-check with your child’s pediatrician or dermatologist before using new products, as they will know specifics about your child’s skin and be able to make personalized recommendations. 

Raybae Beauty Rosehip Oil Cleanser being used

Encouraging Healthy Habits:

 The early establishment of these skincare habits increases the likelihood of children carrying them into adulthood. Encouraging healthy skin care practices during childhood can have a positive spill-over effect into other aspects of a child's life. What might begin as a trendy skincare routine today could evolve into habits such as maintaining a balanced diet and practicing daily hygiene in the future.

 It's about laying the foundation for a lifetime of well-being. Don’t dismiss your child’s interest in skin health as a passing trend, and instead seize this opportunity to instill valuable self-care habits. Just like adults when kids make healthy decisions it helps them make healthy choices all day long. Parents should encourage a skincare routine morning and night, and congratulate tweens for sticking with it. 

Supporting Confidence and Self-Esteem:

 Raybae is all about promoting beauty from within and loving the skin you have! We were founded on the belief that skincare isn't just about beauty; it's about instilling confidence and promoting a positive self-image. Parents can use this opportunity to teach their children that true beauty is found in taking care of oneself and making healthy choices. Taking care of one's skin can contribute to a positive self-image and boost confidence, especially during the transitional period of adolescence. 

 Skincare routines act as proactive measures in addressing puberty-related skin changes, such as acne. Regular skin inspection during these routines allows for the early detection of any unusual changes or skin conditions, prompting timely professional attention. Getting ahead of puberty-related skin changes can have lasting effects on children’s mental health and self-image. 

 This is not just a skincare routine; it's an opportunity to share positive affirmations with children and instill the concept of finding beauty within. A skincare routine can serve as a form of self-care. Parents should embrace this chance to teach their children the importance of taking time for themselves and promoting relaxation. Now is a great time to have a mother-child spa day!

Making Skincare a Positive Experience:

 There is no shortage of reliable information from board-certified dermatologists online and yes, even TikTok. It is easy to look up what is and isn’t safe for young skin. Parents should guide their children on how to research product safety and understand the buyer’s responsibility. Use this as an opening to educate children on advertising and how influencers are paid to promote products on social media. 

 Introducing skincare allows for educating tweens about different skincare ingredients, helping them make informed choices about the products they use. This is a great time to read product labels and teach kids the responsibility of money. Taking care of one's skin fosters a sense of responsibility and independence. Not only does it provide a bonding opportunity, but it also teaches children essential life skills such as budgeting, reading product labels, and making informed consumer choices.

Preteen young girl smiling after using Raybae beauty

Addressing Safety Concerns:

 Be mindful of active ingredients, as children could damage their skin and skin barrier if they use these incorrectly! Certain active ingredients commonly found in skincare products can be unsuitable for children due to their more sensitive skin. It's essential to choose products with ingredients that are gentle and formulated specifically for young skin. 

It’s advised to stay away from active ingredients for young skin. We recommend getting dermatologist approval before letting children use any active ingredients such as:

  • Retinoids (Retinol, Retin-A) are powerful ingredients known for their anti-aging properties and effectiveness in treating acne. Too harsh for young skin, and too easy to overuse by inexperienced users.
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs): Ingredients like glycolic acid (an AHA) and salicylic acid (a BHA) are commonly found in exfoliating products. 
  • Benzoyl peroxide is an active ingredient commonly used in acne treatments. While it can be effective, it might be too harsh for children's skin, so use it with caution.
  • Fragrances and certain essential oils can irritate sensitive skin, and children may be more prone to developing allergies. It's advisable to choose fragrance-free or hypoallergenic products for children.
  • Chemical peels that contain potent acids for exfoliation can cause adverse reactions and are too aggressive for young and developing skin.


Raybae Beauty Deep Water Day Cream being held by woman

 Raybae Beauty For Tween and Teens:

 Raybae understands the delicate nature of preteen skin and offers a range of safe and gentle products suitable for young users. Raybae supports positivity and natural beauty, offering products safe for kids. Many of our customers already report sharing part of their Raybae routine with their tweens!

 Our Deep Water Day Cream and Deep Water Night Cream provide the same deep moisturizing effects even on younger skin. Users of all ages report softer feeling skin after the first day! Get all-day hydration from the Deep Water Day Cream, and restore while you sleep with the Deep Water Night Cream.

 Our Refreshing Rosehip Cleanser and Vitamin C serum have been a game changer for some of our client’s acne. If your tween is struggling with skin issues already, talk to a dermatologist about starting a simple routine. 

 Our peptide-packed Overnight Collagen Mask is an extra step usually safe for young skin, for extra hydration to the skin!

 In a world where children's interests are diverse and ever-evolving, the skincare craze offers a unique chance for parents to connect with their kids and impart lifelong skills. Embrace this hobby, explore it together, and use it as a platform to reinforce the importance of self-confidence and self-care. By supporting a child's interest in skincare, parents contribute to their overall well-being and set them on a lifetime of healthy choices.