The best skincare routine if you struggle with breakouts.

The best skincare routine if you struggle with breakouts. - raybae

Let talk Breakouts! Acne is common in adolescent age due to hormonal changes, but it also becomes more common in adulthood due to some reasons such as pollution, pregnancy, menstruation, stress, or even excessive sweating. For those of you who frequently suffer from acne, it can seem like a never-ending battle, right? 

Well sit back and relax, because we are spilling the best secrets and tips on what to do if your skin is prone to acne! Keep reading to find out the best skin care routine for acne-prone skin and learn how you can bid good riddance to blemishes once and for all.


Why Acne Prone Skin needs a Special Skincare Routine

best skincare for acne

Healthy skin starts with clean skin, especially when it comes to acne or oily skin! A good acne skin care routine is essential when you’re prone to breakouts. Following a daily skin care regimen can help remove excess oil from the skin, keep pores clear, and help speed up the healing of blemishes.

With so many products available in the market and so much contradictory information, creating the right skincare routine for acne can seem difficult. But your daily skincare routine doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective.


Daily Skin Care Routine for Acne Prone Skin

best skincare routine for acne
We can all agree that there is nothing more satisfying than nipping pesky breakouts in the bud. That’s why we’re sharing an easy, 4-step skincare routine that can help acne-prone skin types do just that!

Step One: Use A Natural Face Cleanser

Why is cleansing so important? Because that’s where it all begins.

The skin is naturally dirty with sweat, sebum, dead skin, bacteria, makeup, sunscreen, dust, and other polluting particles that adhere to the surface. There is no use trying to have blemish-free skin or applying skincare products to treat blackheads or sebum if the skin has not been properly cleansed. It won’t work, and you will end up wasting your products, as well as could be further clogging your skins pores!

Cleansing your skin twice a day (morning and night) is the only way to remove all these impurities that accumulate on the skin. Choose The Right Cleanser – Your skincare routine should always begin with the best facial cleanser that has plant based. Those natural ingredients work to penetrate the pores and removes dead cells, oil and bacteria without depleting the skin of its natural oils.

We recommend using Raybae Refreshing Rosehip Cleanser, with a gentle formula from rosehip seed oil that effectively removes dirt and helps in deep cleansing the pores while preventing skin damage.

Step Two: Apply A Spot Treatment, or Serum

Once your skin has dried, it’s time to target your pimples directly. Use a spot treatment like Raybae’s Rejuvenating Retinol Serum, or the Calming Vitamin C Serum. They both work to not only help dry and clear acne blemishes, but also prevent new ones from forming.

In addition, they work to balance the skins complexion and boost your natural collagen levels. It is best to use the Calming C Serum during the day, and slowly introduce the Retinol serum into your nighttime routine.

Step Three: Use Lightweight- Moisturizer

Think skin that’s battling a breakout doesn’t need moisturizer? Think again! Every skin type needs hydration, day in and day out. No Exceptions!

If you are using a product as a spot treatment- those acne-fighting ingredients are well known to have some serious drying effects. In which case, can lead to a boost in your skins oil productions which can cause further breakouts so, keeping your skin hydrated is a must!

Reach for a lightweight water-based cream, that won’t clog your pores further. We Recommend the Deep Water Day Cream and the Deep Water Night Cream which contain Jojoba Oil, giving your skin some amazing natural benefits.

Step Four: Apply Sunscreen

SUN PROTECTION! Sunscreen is the key for acne-prone skin. Lack of sun protection will cause acne wounds to end up leaving spots as if they were scars, in addition to being exposed to other risks caused by UVA / UVB rays such as premature aging or more serious damage such as skin cancer.

It is important to choose the correct sunscreen, otherwise, you run the risk of clogging your pores and causing more pimples to appear. Dermatologists recommend the use of a non-comedogenic sunscreen with at least SPF 30 all year round. You should apply it at least half an hour before stepping out in the sun. You can also look for a face moisturizer that contains SPF, but remember to check its ingredients to verify its lightweight!


Other Skincare Tips For Preventing Acne

best skincare for acne

  • Do not let your hair fall on your face as the sebum (oil) and dirt in the hair can cause acne.

  • Cleanse your face after you have washed your hair. Many hair products contain ingredients that can cause pimples.

  • Don’t touch them! We know how tempting it can be to pick, pop, or scratch the acne. But PLEASE avoid touching your face! Doing so only causes bacteria to spread which may aggravate the inflammation further. Also, it can leave behind acne marks, spots, hyperpigmentation’s, or worse or cause them to permanently scar.

  • Change your pillowcase regularly! Every night when you lay your head on your pillow, your skin encounters a combination of dirt, bacteria, and dead skin that has been accumulating daily. Washing its cover helps to keep your pillow Bacteria-free.

  • Focus on a healthy lifestyle- Stress levels are a large part of how our skin reacts. Try to exercise daily- even taking a 10 min walk can have some amazing benefits for your body physically and mentally. Exercising will release endorphins that will help your keep your stress levels down. If you pair that will a healthier diet, your skin will react in a happy healthy way.

  • Avoid Using Parlor Services – Salon treatments like facials and massages that claim to reduce pimples fail to address the underlying cause and skin type so they may end up worsening your skin condition. If you are truly struggling- consult a dermatologist or your doctor.


The Takeaway…

Great skin doesn’t revolve around heredity alone, your daily habits and routine play a significant role in what you see in the mirror. So, the next time those unwanted visitors pop, you know the basics!



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