The Number One Thing Young Skin has that Mature Skin Lacks is… Moisture!

The Number One Thing Young Skin has that Mature Skin Lacks is… Moisture! - raybae

When we’re young, our skin is clear, supple and appears to exude a radiance from within. As we age, that youthful complexion can begin to show the signs of time in the form of wrinkles, dullness, sagging and uneven tone. The number one thing young skin has that mature skin lacks is… moisture! 

Ahead, we’re breaking down exactly why your skin needs daily hydration and what type of moisturizers will help you achieve that flawless complexion!


Are Moisturizer's Really that Important?

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The answer is YES! Your skin sees a lot of abuse from the sun and elements that dry out our skin. When our skin is dry, we often overproduce oil to try to compensate for the dryness. This means an increase in oil production which creates more sebum meaning more acne!

Similarly, when we have pimples, we tend to use harsh products that can dry our skin, rather than just the targeted blemishes. Moisturizing and hydrating your face helps to balance your skin’s complexion and prevents acne breakouts. the more hydrated your face is the smoother your complexion will be.

Moisture loss is a fact of life as we get older, and it affects the firmness, radiance and softness of our skin. That’s why using a daily moisturizer after washing your face is so important and starting early is key.


What Type of Moisturizer Should I Use?

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Moisturizers come in all shapes and sizes, from lightweight serums and gels to heavier creams. Depending on your skin type or your particular skin concerns, you can choose from a number of different formulas, however Skin experts advise looking for one with formulas containing glycerin and sodium hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid), a water-based hydrating ingredient that keeps skin cells plump with water.

Why hyaluronic acid? This potent ingredient — not only attracts, but locks in moisture — it is able to hold nearly 1000 times its weight in water. It can be found in formulas that are water-based and nearly weightless (great for oily and combination skin) as well as thicker and heavier creams— ideal for mature and dry skin, especially during the winter season. From there you can look for creams, gels and lotions that contain other benefits (think: anti-aging, anti-acne, SPF, or antioxidants). When it comes to moisturizers, your options are truly endless.


I Have Oily Skin, so I Don’t Need a Moisturizer…

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WRONG! No matter what your skin type is —oily and acne-prone, dry and dehydrated, or a combination—you need to be using some kind of moisturizer to keep your skin balanced and nourished. The differences lie in the type and amount of moisturizer your skin needs.

That’s right, even if your skin is oily, it still needs hydration. One of the reasons our skin is overproducing sebum (the oil we see) is because our skin has been lacking hydration it needs. The trick is to find the right lightweight moisturizer that is water-based, oil-free, and non-comedogenic (meaning they won’t clog pores).


Moisturizing Improves Your Makeup Application

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When it comes to professional makeup artists, you will realize that for any event like fashion week, or a red carpet event the artists spend as much time if not more preparing their clients face. If you were to ask them what their secret for the perfect makeup look is, they will tell you that a good moisturizer under your makeup is key.

So, what is the best moisturizer for under makeup? Well simply put the best one’s hydrate, smooth, mattify, or add a glow depending on the look you're going for and, most importantly, play well with makeup. 


The Takeaway…

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No matter what your skin type is, you MUST MOISTURIZE! Moisturizing your face will help you to look and feel younger, you will have softer, more elastic skin, and it will keep your skin hydrated.

 A balanced moisturizer goes a long way at helping to improve the overall appearance of skin by providing the ingredients that will help maintain your skin’s healthy cells and protect them from irritation. When your skin is dehydrated, it can lead to flaking, irritation, or even oily skin due to overproduction of sebum which can cause breakouts. So remember, it is so important to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized!


Dive Deep into Hydration with Raybae’s Deep Water Moisturizer’s

 As we know, water is a key ingredient in human health. Not only are we made up of mostly water but drinking plenty of water leads to better physical and mental health. But consider using water based moisturizers like Raybae’s Deep Water Day Cream and Deep Water Night Cream.

Natural Skincare Moisturizers

There are many reasons to keep a high-quality water based face moisturizer in your routine. As we know, water is a key ingredient in human health. Hydrating your face is just as important as drinking water.

Water based moisturizers tackle dry or dehydrated skin head on. The benefits of this include a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as helping the skin look more plump and healthier. Using a clean skincare moisturizer both morning and night is crucial to the hydration and overall appearance of our skin. Especially important during hot summer days or dry winter months.

Make sure your skin is staying healthy and happy by adding a water based face moisturizer to your routine. Shop Raybae Beauty today for all your Natural Skincare Needs!