AM skincare routine & the best moisturizer for under makeup

AM skincare routine & the best moisturizer for under makeup - raybae

If you are thinking about skipping washing your face or not moisturizing before applying your makeup you should think again! If you want a flawless looking complexion. You can buy the most popular foundation, the most expensive concealer, and the trendiest setting powder that you see all over social media. But if you skin isn’t properly prepped, it will not matter.

One of the most important steps when doing your makeup is cleansing and moisturizing your skin beforehand. Because the more hydrated your face is the smoother your complexion will be meaning that your makeup will not only look better, but will last longer too, and will a bonus that you will also have to use less of it meaning more money back in your pocket! So, finding the best moisturizer for under makeup really is key.


Should you always wash your face before putting on makeup?

the best moisturizer under makeup

The answer is YES for a variety of reasons!

First, bacteria can accumulate throughout the night and then become trapped under your makeup which will clog pores, and can create breakouts, skin irritations or problems.

You also need to cleanse and prime your skin by removing any of your nighttime creams or serums used the night before.

Using a gentle cleanser regularly followed by giving your skin the best moisturizer for under makeup your skin and sebum production will regulate and balance out. Giving you that smooth canvas perfect for makeup application.



The best skin care routine before putting on makeup

the best moisturizer for under makeup

Step 1: Cleanse

With lukewarm water wet your face by splashing some water onto your face using your hands. Then use roughly a dime-sized amount of your chosen cleanser gently all over your skin by massaging. Do this for around 45 seconds to give the cleanser time to work, and then rinse thoroughly using lukewarm water. It is best to apply makeup to fresh, clean skin.

Remember When Cleansing

Be gentle when cleansing. The skin on your face is thin and sensitive, so there is no need to scrub vigorously.

Rinse thoroughly. There should not be any suds of cleanser left on the skin.

Pat dry with a clean towel. You don’t want to rub the skin dry as this may irritate the skin, leaving it red and flaky.

Use lukewarm water. To open the skins pores and lift dirt and bacteria from the skin. But make sure to avoid water that is too hot because it can dry out the skin.

Use the right cleanser for your specific skin type.

    • Dry Skin - Look for a cream cleanser, which will help moisturize the skin while cleansing.

    • Oily Skin - Use a gel or foam cleanser, which will get rid of any dirt and oil on your skin without irritating the skin.
    • Combination Skin - Meaning that some parts of your skin are oily (usually the T-Zone area) and other parts are normal or dry. you will need a cleanser for each specific types of skin.
    • Sensitive Skin – Use the gentlest cleanser that you can find because your skin can become easily irritated. These types of cleansers are usually made from plant oils and from natural skin care lines.
    • Acne Prone Skin - Look for a gentle cleanser that contains salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, rosehip oil, or tea tree oil to help keep those pimples at bay.

the best moisturizer under makeup

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Step 2. Treat

You can use natural face serums or treatments to help hydrate and protect your skin.

Step 3. Moisture is KEY

After your face is clean and protected, you MUST Hydrate! Use the best moisturizer for under makeup according to your specific skin type as well.

Step 4. Prime

Makeup primer is both a base for foundation and makeup as well as another protective layer for your skins surface. Applying a primer will help your makeup to go on smoother and last longer. It also helps to seal the skins hydration in after you have used the best moisturizer for under makeup.

Step 5. Makeup

Everyone has their own process when it comes to makeup application. There is no right or wrong way to apply your makeup products. However, when the day is done you MUST remove your makeup. If you do not or forget, your pores can clog with the days bacteria that can cause skin reactions and breakouts.


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