The best moisturizer for under makeup according to the pros

The best moisturizer for under makeup according to the pros - raybae

You can buy the most popular foundation, the most expensive concealer, and the trendiest setting powder that you see all over social media. But if you skin isn’t properly prepped, it will not matter.

One of the most important steps when doing your makeup is cleansing and moisturizing your skin beforehand. Because the more hydrated your face is the smoother your complexion will be meaning that your makeup will not look and apply better, last longer, and have you using less product which means you save both time and money! So, in a nutshell, finding the best moisturizer for under makeup is key for achieving a flawless natural look.

Why you should moisturize before makeup

moisturize before makeup

Acts as a barrier between the skin and makeup

When you use a face moisturizer it acts as a protective layer between the skin and the primer. It prevents the cosmetic products from getting absorbed or sinking inside the surface. Which is extremely important for avoiding clogged pores and avoiding breakouts. If you have sensitive skin, you should consider using a face oil in addition for extra hydration.

Makes your makeup last longer

Moisturizers balance the water content of the skin. It makes the face moist and slightly oily. This is vital to help the products last on for a longer duration. The makeup does not slip away or wear out. It gets locked-in on the surface and increases the staying power. A good moisturizer keeps the face powder or the blush from disappearing easily. This way the skin won’t look bare or dull.

However, it is important to make sure that any moisturizer you are using is lightweight because if it is to creamy or thick it could cause your pores to sweat which will end up melting your makeup.

Better makeup application

Getting your makeup to look natural while still getting the coverage you need require smooth brush or sponge movements. If your skin is well hydrated, the application process will work better. But if it’s not it can be difficult to get a defined and subtle look. It becomes increasingly troublesome to use the makeup tools on a dry skin. Therefore, make sure to keep the skin hydrated and supple. This will help you work better and achieve a more natural makeup look.

Fights your makeup from being “cakey”

For some makeup is an art form for others is a way of feeling confident. Freshly moisturized skin will act as a base coat and will help to even the skins tone. It also helps your concealer or highlighter to set better. In fact, when the make-up products are applied on a hydrated skin, it prevents the face from appearing “cakey”.


Should you always wash your face before putting on makeup?

best moisturizer for under makeup

The answer is YES for a variety of reasons!

First, bacteria can accumulate throughout the night and then become trapped under your makeup which will clog pores, and can create breakouts, skin irritations or problems.  

You also need to cleanse and prime your skin by removing any of your nighttime creams or serums used the night before.

Using a gentle cleanser regularly followed by giving your skin the best moisturizer for under makeup your skin and sebum production will regulate and balance out. Giving you that smooth canvas perfect for makeup application.


The best moisturizer for under makeup according to the pros

When it comes to professional makeup artists, you will realize that for any event like fashion week, or a red carpet event the artists spend as much time if not more preparing their clients face. If you were to ask them what their secret for the perfect makeup look is, they will tell you that a good moisturizer under your makeup is key. So, what is the best moisturizer for under makeup? Well simply put the best one’s hydrate, smooth, mattify, or add a glow depending on the look you're going for and, most importantly, play well with makeup. 

As we know, water is a key ingredient in human health. Not only are we made up of mostly water but drinking plenty of water leads to better physical and mental health. But using a water based moisturizer like Raybae’s Deep Water Day Cream will provide not only your skin benefits but your makeup routine as well.

 best moisturizer for under makeup

Water based moisturizers tackle dry or dehydrated skin head on. The benefits of this include a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as helping the skin look plump and healthy. This in turn helps your makeup apply smooth, with needing to use less product to achieve coverage. It is a gentle protective barrier that wont clog your pores, but will help prevent makeup from being absorbed.  This type of moisturizer also mixes with any type of makeup whether it is liquid, cream, gel, clay, or powder and will work with the makeup providing a smooth canvas.


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